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Donate to Skate Cuida

Donate to Skate Cuida

R$ 7,00Preço
  • Skate Cuida Institute

    Skate Cuida Institute seeks to develop and maximize the reach of its actions, among which it is worth mentioning: promotion of lectures and workshops, using skateboarding as a therapy and sports activity that brings balance to life; support for the development of educational programs, art, sports and nutrition workshops; creation and support for local development, through actions and initiatives already established worldwide; promotion of multidisciplinary actions aimed at the rehabilitation and social inclusion of individuals in situations of greater vulnerability; exhibition of works of art with skaters and promotion of graffiti arts; fundraising and allocation of funds for renovations of public skateparks in Brazil; promotion and incentive of the Brazilian and foreign public in the involvement with Skate, Art and Culture of Brazil.

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