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Bob Burnquist Gaming Experience

Bob Burnquist Gaming Experience

R$ 1.500,00Preço
  • Play the video game of your dreams against Bob

    If you're a fan of skateboarding, you might already know my game, and you've even done extreme tricks with me in the virtual Dreamland.


    But, have you ever thought about beating me at the game?


    By purchasing the Bob Burnquist game experience Token, you will play a skateboard game with me and have the chance to beat me.


    See what you will have access to with this token:


    - Play a skateboard video game with me, Bob Burnquist.

    - VIP AREA access for the 3 days of the event;

    - Free food and drink;

    - Access to the Skateboarders of the Event and Squad BB;


    And more…


    Burnquist Gold NFT Awesome Bonus - Bob Burnquist's NFT collectible that allows specific access to various events around the world.

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